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Burning YesterdayNashville, Tennessee is the home of the hard rock / heavy metal band that is exploding across the Southeast. Life is a constant struggle, filled with endless challenges and full of obstacles. Music is the magical elixir that helps you cope with stress and handle the pressures that life throws at you. Music expresses and reflects the emotions you are feeling. It's an escape from the drama and bullshit that you have to deal with every day. 


Sometimes you need to express the anger and frustration that's building inside. Sometimes you need to express the happiness and joy you feel. Music is the most powerful form of communication and emotional expression. Anyone that loves hard rock / heavy metal music will be a fan of Burning Yesterday.


The name of the band, Burning Yesterday, has a special meaning. When the band was formed in 2018 every one of the members were just coming out of a negative experience. A couple of members had just experienced a negative situation with a previous band. Other members had just gone through a painful personal situation. For each of the members, this new band was a new beginning, a new chapter in life. The band was bouncing around many ideas when the drummer, Chris Thomas (who is normally quite and not talkative), casually suggested "Burning Yesterday" to add to the list of potential names. The response from the band was immediate and decisive. The past is the past. Everyday is a new beginning. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Burn yesterday and start fresh today. That perfectly described how each of the band members were feeling. Burning Yesterday is not just who the band is, it's not just a name, but rather it's a motto to live by.  



Concert Alert 

SATURDAY, MAY  11, 2019


8502 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, Tn



"When I was first introduced to to Burning Yesterday I was looking for some music for the soundtrack for my horror film Chickens Blood... I was blown away!! The band agreed to be a part the film and has had just an incredible response! They have two tracks on the soundtrack and I liked the tracks so much I gave them the opening credit track and ending credits track! Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Expecting big things in this bands future!! Straight Tennessee Fire!!"

Korey Jordan

Writer, Producer, Director


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