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About the Band

Burning Yesterday - The Band


From Nashville, Tennessee, Burning Yesterday brilliantly blends the best melodic elements of rock with the aggression of power metal. The result is a unique and distinct original music product that has strong appeal to audiences of both genres. From heavy metal, beat driven tunes such as “Snake Oil” to hard driving, riff based rock tunes like “Diggin Graves” to melodic ballads such as “Broken Promises”, the band delivers a wide range of emotional impact while maintaining a sound that is signature. Burning Yesterday is renowned for their live performance shows. These stage veterans consistently deliver a thunderous, high-energy show that not only provides exceptional music, but over-the-top, engaging entertainment that excites every audience. Burning Yesterday is guaranteed to not only deliver the goods, they will over-deliver and exceed all expectations.

Matthew D. Edmondson - Vocalist


Matthew was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. He joined his first band at the age of 14 as the lead singer of a high school cover band called "Wildheart". Matthew moved to southern California at the age of 15 and looked for musical projects to participate in. He was the lead vocalist for the So. Cal. bands "Rose Arcana", "Hatred", "Doctor X" (which he was also the principal song writer and lyricist). He played many major venues including the Whiskey a Go Go, Roxy, Bachenhal and Iguana's in Tijuana, Mexico. Matt moved back to middle Tennessee at the age of 23, fronting the band "Radicult" and eventually starting "Killing Grace". K.G. has become one of the most popular regional bands, receiving management and distribution deals with Red Arrow Entertainment and Sonic Night Music Records. 


Major Influences: Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche), Chuck Billy (Testament), Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) and Layne Staley (Alice in Chains)

Kevin Butler - Bassist


Kevin Butler, a.k.a. “The Beast of the Bass”, is a dynamic, aggressive bassist who provides the powerful bottom-end foundation for the band’s music. His exceptional talent is clearly displayed in both his progressive playing style and his high-energy stage presence. Kevin’s unique, gritty bass tone cuts through the mix with both punch and definition. He has been a self-taught bassist since the age of 13, playing completely by ear and without the advantage of any musical training. Originally from Orlando, Fla., Kevin has lived in Nashville, Tn. since 2012 and is the founding member of the band.


Major Influences: Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Geddy Lee (Rush), Chris Squire (Yes), Jaco Pastorius


Dustin Holmes - Guitarist


Hailing from Union City, TN, Dustin Holmes picked up the guitar at age 11 and began his musical journey with the instrument. His mission was to learn all he could about the instrument, Dustin is obsessed with perfecting his tone. From searing leads to powerful rhythm sections, this man has you covered.


Major Influences: Steve Vai, Jason Richardson (Born of Osiris), Alex Skolnick (Testament, Trivium, Wintersun), Ron Jeremy, Amon Amarath and Kalmah

Dave Franey - Guitarist


Lead guitarist, d.Franey, started playing electric guitar as a teen. After studying classical guitar and music production at Duquense University for two years, he obtained an Associate Degree in Music Business from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. d.Franey moved to Nashville, TN as a professional sound engineer. He’s played in more than 11 regional (original and cover) bands.


Major Influences: Andres Segovia, Neal Zaza, and Gus G

Chris Thomas - Drummer


Emerging from the deep woods of Woodbury, Tennessee, Chris Thomas delivers the thunder from the back of the Burning Yesterday force. Brought up to play guitar like his dad, this left handed guy couldn’t get the hang of it and took to beating on drums at age 5, although he didn’t get serious until age 15. Chris can play anything from country to death metal, although his main style and expertise is hardcore/speed metal. He is mainly self-taught with 5 years marching band experience.


Major Influences: Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Paul Bostaph (Slayer, Forbidden, Exodus, Systematic, Testament), Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Testament), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Chris Adler (Lamb of God)


Concert Alert 

SATURDAY, MAY  11, 2019


8502 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, Tn



"When I was first introduced to to Burning Yesterday I was looking for some music for the soundtrack for my horror film Chickens Blood... I was blown away!! The band agreed to be a part the film and has had just an incredible response! They have two tracks on the soundtrack and I liked the tracks so much I gave them the opening credit track and ending credits track! Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Expecting big things in this bands future!! Straight Tennessee Fire!!"

Korey Jordan

Writer, Producer, Director


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